April 21, 2010

This blog never really got off the ground! The problem is my sewing desires don’t really match up with my skills.

I do sew occasionally, but other than a fabulous pair of pants (I took a one day class where the lady fitted a pants muslin for us) I haven’t sewn any clothes for myself since the Jalie top last August. However, I’ve made some kickarse cushions and sewed an awning for a friend’s camper, which was definitely testing the old 306k’s endurance.

I’m planning for all that to change though. I’m expecting a baby any day now! I can’t wait to sew her cute little dresses and fitted nappies. And hopefully before she makes her appearance in the next week or so I’ll also get a chance to sew myself a Jalie top or two so that I’ll have some breastfeeding friendly clothes that *don’t* show my entire chest…